Seven Oaks Emergency Department

Seven Oaks General Hospital Emergency Department sees 45,000 patients per year, which makes it either the busiest or second busiest in Manitoba depending on the day. Seven Oaks Emergency Department was expanded and extensively reorganized in 2008 and is considered a leader in innovation in the way it delivers Emergency Care.

Some of the innovations at Seven Oaks Emergency include:

  • A Minor Treatment Area (MTA) that separates patients with sprains and strains from and minor ailments from the more urgent stream of care, which means faster access for both.
  • The use of both Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Emergency, particularly in the MTA
  • Natural light throughout the department
  • A calm, comfortable and welcoming waiting room
  • Real-time estimates for wait times on a Wait Times display screen. Seven Oaks average waits are among the lowest in Canada.
  • Integration of information technology including access to Manitoba’s Electronic Health Record system

For more about Seven Oaks Emergency Department, download the Emergency Department Patient Guide.