Fitter Firmer Faster Weight Loss Team Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge

Get Fitter.Firmer.Faster. on a team led by certified personal trainers. Weekly fitness challenges and weigh-ins help keep you motivated while educational Super Sessions show you how to keep it off. You must be able to exercise at an intense level for this challenge.

At the end of the session, the Wellness Institute will donate the winning team’s weight loss in pounds of food to a local charity so the pounds you lose can help others in need!

Winning team members receive a Wellness Institute gift certificate. Participants must attend at least six supervised exercise sessions to qualify for the final weigh in.

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Boot Camps

Fitter. Firmer. Faster. Boot Camps are also available, with indoor and outdoor sessions, depending on the season. All boot camps are led by our Certified Professional Trainers, ensuring that your workout is effective, can be adapted to your needs and exercises are performed safely. Men and women are welcome to join us to get Fitter.Firmer.Faster. Some boot camps are Kids’ Corner-friendly for those who need childcare. See this session’s dates and rates in our Positively Healthy Program Guide or Online Registration.