Flower Power

April 10, 2015
Powered by flowers, Donna is hard at work!



Donna’s kind heart and creativity has everyone talking!  She is a patient at SOGH and has been hand crafting beautiful ribbon rose pins for the nursing staff and fellow patients over the past month. Vibrant and active, Donna can’t just sit, she needs to stay busy.  “If I can do something, why not make people happy?” says Donna, whose love of decorating has brought smiles to many others.

A former SOGH volunteer, she made 140 ribbon pins for Easter and had the nursing staff help her arrange to place them on patients’ breakfast trays.  Donna even collected over 20 water bottles to make small bouquets for patients who did not receive flowers.  She used cuttings from her own arrangements and added her special touch – a ribbon rose.  Thank you Donna for brightening everyone’s Easter with your generous heart and amazing talent!