New Art Beat Studio Exhibit sends global message of acceptance and helps heal through art

August 10, 2015


You step around the corner and the hallway seems long and daunting. But take a few more steps and you are immediately stopped by images of women in beautiful, free-flowing robes engaged in graceful expressions of dance.  The exhibit, entitled “Dance Around the World” is located in the northeast corridor near the McPhillips Street entrance and is the fourth installment of featured works from Art Beat Studio. Art is an important part of the healing process; Art Beat Studio’s mission of healing and empowerment through creativity fits well with SOGH’s commitment of supporting and celebrating local artists who have overcome challenges and healed through their art. The studio space provides the opportunity for artistic expression and promotes recovery and healing for those in the mental health community.

“Dance Around the World” is a unique collaboration of a group of ten participants/artists led by Ildeko Nova. Inspired by a Henri Matisse’s painting “Dance” which features five figures dancing in a circle in an open field, this exhibit adds an interesting twist.
Nine different cultures are represented in the women and fabric of each robe. The intention of the collection is for cultures to accept and learn from each other through art. Ildeko’s art explores the line between dreams and reality. She looks for connections with people and community, reminding us to stay connected to the planet and each other.

SOGH Foundation is proud to showcase emerging artists and create a healing environment for patients, staff and visitors. Art is an important outlet for patients and can have a profound effect on their ability to cope during a hospital stay.
Next time you’re walking down that hallway, you will probably notice the light at the end of it; it won’t seem so long and you will wonder about the stories each woman is telling.