Seven Oaks Surgeon wins award

April 12, 2013

Dr. David Reimer, Seven Oaks Section Head, General Surgery has received the Off-Site Educator of the Year Award from the Professional Association of Residents and Interns Manitoba (PARIM). The award recognizes educational excellence in physicians working in community hospitals, community practice or rural and remote areas who demonstrate a strong commitment to medical education.

Dr. Reimer practices as a Community General Surgeon performing elective surgery and endoscopy at Seven Oaks General Hospital and Concordia Hospital, and as well is a part of the Acute Care Surgical Service at the St. Boniface Hospital.  He works with residents in all three settings, including Family Medicine residents doing their surgery rotations at Seven Oaks.

“Receiving the award was a real surprise”  remarked Dr. Reimer.  “I have been involved in resident training for some time, but have often wondered how the trainees view their experience with me.”

PARIM judges nominees in several categories including quality of patient care and quality of teaching and taking an interest in the trainees’ personal development.

For his part, Dr. Reimer says teaching is something he has always enjoyed doing.   “I feel as if I get more out of the experience than I put in.  Working with residents keeps me on my toes and really motivates me to look for ways improve the way I care for patients.”