Pharmacy & Gift Shop

Taché Pharmacy at Seven Oaks Hospital is proud to be a part of the Seven Oaks Hospital Access to Care initiative. The Pharmacy shares space with the Seven Oaks Hospital Gift Shop to offer a full complement of professional services, unique products and medical devices.

A variety of personalized programs will be offered at Taché including: Diabetes Education, Smoking Cessation and Bio-Identical Hormone replacement counseling. Our diverse product selection includes: nutritional and sport supplements, medical supplies as well as orthotic braces and wound care products.

Taché Pharmacy at Seven Oaks Hospital offers the same expertise of compounding (manufacturing) medications as its flagship pharmacy located in St. Boniface. Specialized Pharmacy preparations can be customized for veterinary use, pain management and erectile dysfunction in a variety of forms. Our compounding specialists will work with your health care provider to find a medication solution that is tailored to your needs.

Masks are available for purchase

Disposable Masks             $2.50

Reusable Adults               $13.99

Reusable Children’s        $10.99


Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop  carries all sorts of gift ware including ornaments, figurines, vases, art work, home décor, purses, pashmina scarves, watches and other jewelry, including Armada rings and Winnipeg Jets gear. The Shop also carries snacks, magazines, newspapers, and health and personal products to make patients’ stays more comfortable.

Be sure to stop by to find the item you need or the perfect gift right here at the hospital.