The applause of 500 people who came out to support and celebrate Seven Oaks Hospital at the Fort Garry Hotel at our biggest Gala so far is unforgettable. We raised just over $201,000 that will go toward chronic disease research and programming. THANK YOU to every single person who helped us make this such a success: donors, sponsors, volunteers, guests – we could not have done it without your generousity.

But it is the hospital and community support that brought the house down as Dr. Kevin Saunders delivered this thoughts on being part of the Seven Oaks story of building a community of innovation and wellness over the last 20 years to a standing ovation.

His words brought a sense of pride and accomplishment to everyone in the room. Every guest knew they were part of something incredible; they knew that no matter how much they gave, their dollars have been hard at work helping others.

The Foundation is proud to have so many of our physicians and managers  from all departments buy tickets each year to help in our efforts to continue raising money to provide the best care to our patients. Proceeds from this year’s event will go towards wellness programming and chronic disease research.

We are also fortunate to have continued support from the Platinum Jets, MacDon, Scotiabank and other Winnipeg businesses. They see the important work happening every day at Seven Oaks and they want to support the efforts of our staff and Foundation.

It truly was a memorable evening! The live auction was something to see – people trying to outbid each other on some great prizes and when that was all done, there was chocolate hazelnut dome cake and dancing with the Danny Kramer Band.

From our Board to members of the Federal and Provincial governments to leaders in the community, it is clear Seven Oaks Hospital matters. We impact lives in the community. We change the way people get care so they can lead better lives. We make a difference. Thank you for being part of the story so far – we cannot wait to see what comes next.


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