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Innovation at Seven Oaks Hospital

Seven Oaks General Hospital is building on a track record of successful innovation.

Due to the growing incidence of chronic disease, our healthcare system is now putting much greater emphasis on strategies for illness prevention. Seven Oaks is the healthcare organization that has stepped forward and led the way.

In 1996 Seven Oaks’ Wellness Institute, one of the first medical fitness facilities in Canada, opened its doors. Specializing in supporting older adults, people with chronic illness and injury, and effective interventions to change lifestyle, to quit smoking, and to promote healthy eating; the Wellness Institute has stayed at the forefront of prevention and health promotion since its inception. Less than ten years after opening the Wellness Institute was named a top medical fitness facility in North America.

Seven Oaks General Hospital demonstrated that hospitals can solve the excessive wait time issues and hallway medicine plaguing our healthcare system by focusing on more efficient, patient-centered service such as a minor treatment stream, clearer admission protocols, better discharge planning throughout the hospital and the use of both Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Emergency. Seven Oaks’ Emergency Department is the second busiest in Winnipeg but has the shortest wait times in the city, and is consistently in the top two or three hospitals for wait times in Canada. The innovations at Seven Oaks are now being implemented at other Winnipeg hospitals.

Recently, Seven Oaks initiated the Discharge Planning Initiative (DPI) to remove internal barriers and inefficiencies preventing timely discharge. Seven Oaks worked with home care and long term care agencies to smooth the transition to home or other levels of care and reduce waiting to meet national bench marks.

Led by Seven Oaks Hospital, health agencies in the northwest corner of Winnipeg are collaborating to improve access to proactive treatment for a common but serious respiratory disease. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder is an often undiagnosed, life-threatening lung disease that interferes with normal breathing, and is not fully reversible. The COPD Care Pathway Project, funded with a one year project grant by the Manitoba Patient Access Network, is hoping to reduce these “acute exacerbations” by improving COPD Management in the community, by following up with patients who are hospitalized. Seven Oaks also offers a best practice Pulmonary Rehabilitation program at Wellness Institute.

Seven Oaks Wellness Institute is a hub for training and coordinating Manitoba’s Chronic Disease Management Program Get Better Together. The program includes a free six-week workshop designed to help Manitobans with ongoing health conditions to get better.  Covering topics such as healthy eating, communication, physical activity and pain management, this program gives people the tools they need to better and manage their own health.

Most recently the Foundation has looked to the community to support the Access to Care Project. A state of the art medical clinic inside the hospital walls for doctors who will see patients from the community, treat them in hospital if necessary and work with the hospital and the Wellness Institute to manage and prevent chronic illness. The clinic will be the anchor development in a $7.8 million addition to the front of the hospital. A bright,welcoming atrium on the front of the hospital will include access to the new clinic, a gathering space for patients and visitors, a new Help Centre, a new pharmacy and gift shop, and a new food court.

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