Seven Oaks General Hospital has five Surgical Sites operating daily, and one slate on the weekend. The Operating Room is supported by a nine bed Post Anesthesia Care Unit where patients are monitored before moved to a bed. The main areas of focus for Surgery at Seven Oaks are Ortho Trauma and General Surgery.

Ortho Trauma

Seven Oaks is one of three sites in Winnipeg (along with Health Sciences Centre and Concordia Hospital) performing Orthopedic Trauma surgery. Many sites perform elective orthopedic surgery, hip and knee replacements for instance, but ortho trauma surgery refers to emergency surgery for things like broken hips and joints from falls and car crashes.

As of January 5 2012, Seven Oaks is responsible for ortho trauma admissions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Under the shared service model these admissions can be from anywhere in Winnipeg as well as some rural areas of Manitoba.

Currently Seven Oaks performs 2 to 5 Ortho Trauma surgeries per day or about 100 per month. Best practice for Ortho Trauma is to perform the surgery within 48 hours of the injury, and Seven Oaks meets that standard for more than 90% of patients.

Seven Oaks has a 50 bed Ortho Trauma Unit on the 4th Level (Units 1-5) with dedicated resources for supporting recovery and rehabilitation after surgery. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is providing research support to ensure evidence based best practices in the new unit.

General Surgery

Seven Oaks has 20 General Surgery Beds also on the 4th level. General Surgery includes Gynecology and Urology. Seven Oaks also has an on-site Surgery Centre, an outpatient clinic where surgeons see patients for follow-up visits.

Day Surgery

Seven Oaks has a well-regarded Day Surgery service. Many types of abdominal surgeries that formerly required admission to hospital such as hysterectomies and gall bladder removal can now be performed with minimally invasive techniques. With less need for anesthetic and recovery time patients that used to stay in hospital for several days go home the same day.

Pre-Admission Clinic

Day Surgery and other elective admissions are supported by a Pre-Admission Clinic which makes appointments and calls patients to help them to prepare for surgery. If you have a question about your condition or your surgery please contact the Family Physician who referred you.