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Patient Advice, Questions or Concerns

Seven Oaks Hospital encourages patients and families to ask questions, voice concerns, complaints, and suggestions for improvements and to compliment staff at any time.

Resolving Problems

If you encounter problems with your care please try to resolve with the care team directly. If you can’t resolve the problem or don’t feel comfortable discussing with staff, ask to speak with the manager (also known as the Patient Care Team Manager) for your Unit. During evenings and weekends, a Facility Patient Care Manager for the hospital is available and can be reached until midnight daily. Contact the switchboard at 204-632-7133.

When we are made aware of problems, we most often are able to resolve them. This helps improve the service provided to patients. We assure you that your concern or complaint will have no impact on the care provided to you or your loved one.

The hospital employs a Patient Relations Consultant who can support patients and families to bring concerns forward and help to:

  • Answer your questions about Seven Oaks and your healthcare.
  • Listen to your suggestions for service improvement.
  • Provide information on Seven Oaks services.
  • Guide and support you through the formal complaints process
  • Help the organization learn from our patient’s experiences and comments.

Email Patient Relations Consultant  or call  at 204-632-3160.

Click here for more details about our complaints process.

Email compliments are always welcome, too, or you can say “thank you” in a special way to the healthcare professionals who made a difference in your life through Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation Gifts of Gratitude Program.