Volunteer Details

As a Seven Oaks volunteer you have both rights and responsibilites. Many of your questions about volunteering are answered in detail below:


  • are assigned to positions which reflect their interests and needs as well as the needs of the hospital.
  • can be placed in two main categories: Direct Patient Interaction and  Non-Patient Interaction
  • share their time, talents and life experiences to enrich the lives of our patients.
  • bring a fresh point of view and enthusiasm.
  • provide more individual and personal attention to patients.
  • enhance the hospital and environment for patients/clients using our services, resources and facilities.
  • build a better understanding of the services of the hospital among members of the community.
  • assist hospital personnel in becoming more sensitive to the health care needs of the community.

Volunteer Services:

  • is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, screening, orientating, placement and recognition of volunteers.
  • makes every effort to assign volunteers in positions which reflect their interests and needs as well as the needs of the hospital.
  • has a majority of volunteer positions during the weekday daytime.  We have a limited number of volunteer opportunities during the weekday evenings and weekends.

Who Can Become a Volunteer?

Any adult or youth (minimum 14 years old) who is:

  • in good physical and mental health and sincerely interested in working in a health care setting.
  • who can commit a minimum of one regularly scheduled half day per week for a minimum of a six months, preferably a one year commitment.
  • exceptionally reliable, as we have a structured program where our staff, patients and the public rely on our service.  We expect all volunteers to make their scheduled shifts and all other activities – school, employment, appointments, etc are to be scheduled around a regularly scheduled volunteer shift.

    NOTE: Volunteer Services has the right to terminate and retract all volunteer hours accumulated for unsatisfactory volunteer work performance.

    • able to work as a team player.
    • has demonstrated through an interview and three professional reference checks that they are enthusiastic, dependable, mature, responsible and possess a positive attitude.
    NOTE: There are age restrictions for certain volunteer positions.

What Do Volunteers Do?

We typically have volunteers placed in areas such as Day Hospital, Diagnostic Services, Day Surgery, Educational Services, Foundation, Orthopedic Clinic, Emergency Department,  Hairdressing Services, Geriatric Mental Health, Dialysis, Oncology, Dietetics, Spiritual Care, Health Information Systems, Core Rehab, Volunteer Services, Human Resources, Wellness Institute (Rehab Clinic, Children’s Summer Camp), Gift Shop, etc.

How Can You Become a Seven Oaks General Hospital Volunteer

  1. Application Form – Complete a volunteer application form.  Mail your application to the address below or drop it off at the SOGH Information Desk (main entrance of the hospital).  Any incomplete applications forms (insufficient or inappropriate references, legible print) will not be considered.
    NOTE: Depending on the time of year, the volunteer intake process can vary from 1 to 3 months. If your placement is time sensitive, we encourage you to apply to other volunteer programs as we cannot guarantee you a volunteer placement.
  2. Interview – Volunteer Services will contact you to schedule an interview to determine suitability, availability, interests, skills, etc.
  3. Screening – All volunteers must provide a minimum of 3 professional references (teacher, work or volunteer supervisor, minister, coach, etc.) on their application form.  Depending on the volunteer position, volunteers may be required to go through a criminal record check and/or Child Abuse Registry.
  4. Orientation – If accepted, all volunteers must attend a preliminary one hour volunteer orientation prior to the commencement of their volunteer placement.
  5. Training –Volunteers are provided with specific training in the designated placement area (may be a group or on a one-to-one basis by the departmental staff or an experienced volunteer).
  6. Supervision – Each volunteer position is guided by a written position description and a designated staff or volunteer supervisor.
  7. Time Commitment – According to your availability and program needs, you will be expected to fulfil a regular scheduled shift each week, for a minimum of six (6) months, or as agreed.  Failure to fulfill your volunteer commitment or unsatisfactory performance may result in withholding volunteer hours for credit or reference purposes.
  8. Inservices – Educational opportunities are arranged to increase your skills and abilities in health care voluntarism on an occasional basis.
  9. Evaluation – After an initial three (3) month period, volunteers are asked to complete an evaluation form on their involvement as a volunteer. This information is forwarded to the appropriate department(s) to improve the quality of our service(s) and program(s). Informal feedback about each volunteer’s progress will be ongoing. If requested, written feedback may be provided.
  10. Recognition – Awards are given according to hours and quality of contributions at an annual recognition held each spring – invitations to the event will be determined if the volunteers meets the criteria outlined in the department policy.

Support to Volunteers:

To ensure that a diverse group of individuals are able to volunteer, we provide:

  • red uniform tops
  • personalized name tags
  • free beverage voucher (1/2 day shifts) and meal voucher (full day shifts)
  • free parking
  • use of lockers while on duty
  • Senior 4 graduates and returning post-secondary students may be applicable for SOGH Volunteer bursaries
  • a discounted membership with the Wellness Institute (after a specific commitment).

Benefits of Volunteering at Seven Oaks Hospital:

  • personal satisfaction
  • opportunity to work as a health care team member
  • educational opportunities
  • gain work experience and references
  • make new friends

…etc., the list is as long and special as the number of volunteers.

Volunteers represent the “spirit of the community”

Volunteer Services Department
Seven Oaks General Hospital
2300 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2V 3M3
Phone: 632-3179, extension 5