Active Aging  CalendarImage of calendar cover

Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital has produced an Active Aging Calendar featuring Active Aging Ambassadors, members of the Wellness Institute nominated by their peers because they exemplify healthy aging behaviour such as regular physical activity, good eating habits, and an active social life.

Through the year Ambassadors serve as peer mentors for new members including people referred to Wellness Institute from Seven Oaks Geriatric Day Hospital. They are also featured on an Active Aging Calendar.

Find out more about Healthy Aging at the Wellness Institute web site.

Who will you get the shot for?

Every year Seven Oaks staff are encouraged to get the flu shot as a way of protecting the patients we care for and ourselves. This year the shot will also be available to visitors over  18 on the following days and times:

  • Tues. Oct. 11      9:00-5:00 pm      Level 2 Elevator
  • Thurs. Oct. 13     9:00-5:00 pm      Level 1 Elevator
  • Fri. Oct. 14         6:30-8:30 am      Level 2 Elevator
  • Mon. Oct 17        6:30-8:30 am      Level 1 Elevator
  • Wed. Oct 19        6:30-8:30 am      Level 1 Elevator
  • Thurs. Oct 20      6:30-8:30 am      Level 1 Elevator
  • Fri. Oct. 21         6:30-0830 am     Level 1 Elevator

Wear loose clothing that allows easy access to the upper arm, and bring your Manitoba Health card.

Can’t make it on one of those days? There are community clinics in  every area of the city. See the community clinic locations here.

Report to the Community

June 24, 2016Cover

by Twylla Krueger, Executive Director, Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation

Seven Oaks General Hospital Foundation has published a Report to the Community which is being distributed as part of our commitment to keep the community informed and to help donors and supporters understand the impact of their contributions.

The Foundation and hospital are grateful for your support. We invite your questions and feedback on this Report to the Community or any of our work by contacting the Foundation at 204-632-3552 or emailing