Stocking up on Efficiency at Seven OaksNETimesclip

Seven Oaks General Hospital has borrowed LEAN manufacturing concepts for stocking and storage of medical supplies and medications so nurses can spend more time with patients rather than looking for supplies. The two bin kanban system is a visual recognition invented in Japanese manufacturing to ensure that supplies are easy to find and never run out.

Seven Oaks has embarked on what is known as a 5S LEAN process (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) across its operation and had already implemented two bin kanban and other LEAN concepts in many of its medical equipment, supply and medication storage areas. Eventually equipment and supplies will be reorganized across the entire hospital with the goal of saving time and steps for direct care providers who can better spend the time with patients.

The North End Times Community Newspaper wrote about the efficiency project in a recent issue of the paper.

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