China wants Wellness:

a Winnipeg Success Story

July 2, 2014…

Thirty hospital executives and senior government officials from China are at Seven Oaks Hospital today to learn how its approach to health and wellness can be adapted and used in China.

The Chinese delegates will be immersed in all aspects of programming at the Wellness Institute from Wednesday July 2 to Friday July 4 as the firstClickable image of Welcome banner step toward reproducing the made-in Winnipeg model for hospitals in China.

“We didn’t go looking for this,” said Seven Oaks President and Chief Operating Officer Carrie Solmundson. “We weren’t trying to find ways to sell our services in China, they came to us and we’re honoured that they did.”

The Chinese healthcare sector is modernizing rapidly and its decision makers have fanned out around the globe looking for the best models for healthcare delivery. The relationship with Wellness Institute started when a smaller delegation visited Seven Oaks to look at innovations in its Emergency Department. They also toured Wellness Institute and were quite taken with the way Seven Oaks has integrated a self-sufficient non-profit enterprise for illness prevention and health promotion with a publicly funded hospital.

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