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Kidney Health

Seven Oaks General Hospital is a major provider of kidney health services for the province of Manitoba and is rapidly becoming a centre of excellence. Seven Oaks is the Administrative headquarters for the Manitoba Renal Program and offers one of the most comprehensive kidney health services in western Canada.

Seven Oaks Kidney Health services include:

  • Renal Health Clinics
  • Adult Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Home Hemodialysis Training
  • In-Centre Hemodialysis
  • Renal Exercise Counseling Clinics at Wellness Institute

About 200 of Winnipeg’s 660 hemodialysis patients dialyze 3-4 times per week at one of Seven Oaks two In-Centre Hemodialysis units which run three shifts per day. Another 100 or more patients dialyze at home themselves either using Peritoneal Dialysis or Home Hemo-Dialysis.

The Manitoba Renal Program and Seven Oaks hospital have been strategically expanding services to support the home methods of dialysis so that more patients are able to work or go to school or travel, which can be more difficult for In-Centre dialysis patients.

Implementing a process for nephrologists to insert PD catheters safely and effectively at the bedside rather than waiting for a surgical slate in the Operating Room allows more patients to get on PD quickly and the number of Peritoneal Dialysis patients supported at Seven Oaks has doubled from about 40 to over 80 in the last two years.

Seven Oaks expanded its Home Hemodialysis training unit from three stations to six so that it can now train and equip 20-30 patients per year to dialyze at night while they are sleeping. Home Hemodialysis is a slower gentler process which is easier on the blood vessels and reduces the need for medications and dietary restrictions.

Nephrologists at Seven Oaks are actively involved in research related to the surveillance and epidemiology of chronic kidney disease, process engineering, treatment modalities and wellness, and are an integral part of Seven Oaks growing research group.

The Manitoba Renal Program’s Exercise and Wellness Program has been recognized as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada. It includes prevention, education and guided exercise for chronic kidney disease patients. The Renal Exercise Counseling Clinics at Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks helps patients to start an appropriate exercise program under the guidance of a nephrologist and with the assistance of an exercise physiologist.

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