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Spiritual Care Services

Seven Oaks provides holistic Spiritual Care Services to support patients, families and friends of patients. Seven Oaks observes a multi-faith spiritual tradition that respects and facilitates access for all faiths and religions.

Being in hospital with a serious injury or illness can be a difficult time for patients and the people who love and care for them. Seven Oaks Spiritual Care services include listening to your experiences, concerns and worries, providing spiritual direction, providing support for bereavement, and prayer.

Spiritual Care staff are on site from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

On-site religious services below have been suspended due to COVID restrictions:

  • Roman Catholic Mass 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 3:15pm, in the Adult Day Hospital on level 2.
  • Roman Catholic communion in patient’s rooms on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday afternoons.
  • Seasonal Christian, Indigenous Ceremonies, Annual Memorial Ceremonies, Jewish High Holiday and other services as advertised.
  • 7th Day Adventist 1st Sunday mornings (call to confirm).
  • The Sanctuary is open to persons of all faiths for prayer and meditation.

Connecting with your faith tradition

In addition to providing direct spiritual care and counseling, our Spiritual Care staff may be of assistance in helping you to connect with representatives of your own religious tradition.

Our Spiritual Care Team

Our Spiritual Care team members are trained by the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care a national multi-faith organization which is committed to the professional education, certification and support of people involved in pastoral care and pastoral counseling.

Spiritual Care Workers:

  • Brenda Brand (204) 631-3049
  • Bonny McIntosh (204) 632-3594

For urgent needs – please call the Operator (204) 632-7133 to page the appropriate staff.

Other Spiritual Care services


Spiritual Care provides training and assistance for NODA (No One Dies Alone) which is co-coordinated with Volunteer Services. Seven Oaks staff volunteer to sit with patients are dying and have no family or close friends to be with them at their time of passing.

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