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Family Medicine

The Family Medicine Program is responsible for patients admitted to community medicine inpatient units on Levels 3 and 5 of Seven Oaks General Hospital and works closely with the Kildonan Medical Centre and the WRHA central bed access program.

The Family Medicine Units serve the needs of medical patients admitted to hospital because they require 24 hour nursing care. Family Medicine provides a acute clinical care services (e.g. cardiac, respiratory, oncology, neurology, nephrology and metabolic) with a strong focus on comprehensive care and discharge planning.

Teams of physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and support staff provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary care to patients. The teams are managed by nurses, called Patient Care Team Managers, reporting to a Program Director.

Patients and their family members are considered to be integral part of the care team, and are encouraged to ask questions about their care plan and be involved in planning for discharge.

The Family Medicine teams interact with patients across the lifespan, and focus on health interventions, health promotion and maintenance.

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