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Shift Swap Request

When you press Submit Request at the bottom of this page, a copy of this form (in email and PDF format) will automatically be sent to yourself AND the person you are swapping with..

Follow up with the person you are swapping with. They need to forward the PDF copy of the request (via email) to Request that they copy you on the email.

The Program Assistant will then review the Swap Request.

  • If approved you’ll both (you and the person you’re swapping with) receive an email stating that your Swap Request was Approved.
  • If denied, you’ll both get an email stating Denied.

To ensure your submission is accepted, please avoid using any special characters in the form below, such as: ! ‘ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ?, etc.

Your Name
(Initiator/requestor of Shift Swap)
(VERY important – you can’t swap without this!)
(best number to reach you at)
(Date of your original shift. Night shift is the last shift of the day. Example: If you are working nights starting at 23:30 on March 23, 2017, you would choose March 23, 2017 as the date.)
DD dash MM dash YYYY
Length of Shift
Including On Call?

Person who you're swapping with

This cannot be a casual employee.
Their Name
(Name of person you’re swapping shifts with)
(VERY important – you can’t swap without this!)
(best one to reach them at)
(Date of their original shift)
DD dash MM dash YYYY
Length of their Shift
Including their On Call?
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